Improving Athletic Performance In Rowers Using Direct Stimulation – By Dr. Nelli S. Lakis

126 Years of Elite Winning 2K Race Times – By Blake Gourley

IrImprove Cardiovascular Fitness With The Kettlebell Snatch – By Joe DeLeo

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Article Summaries

Liu, X., Yang, X., Hou, Z., Ma, M., Jiang, W., Wang, C., Zhang, Y., & Yuan, Y. (2019). Increased interhemispheric synchrony underlying the improved athletic performance of rowing athletes by transcranial direct current stimulation. Brain imaging and behavior, 13(5).

Researchers sought to determine if transcranial electrical stimulation would improve rowing performance and isokinetic muscle strength in rowers. Researchers split 12 male rowers into two groups: low and high electrical stimulation groups. The rowers received electrical stimulation for a total of ten, 20 minute sessions over two weeks. After a two-week rest period the rowers were re-tested. Both groups showed improvements in athletic performance and communication between the brain hemispheres.  Rowers can use transcranial stimulation to improve athletic performance and cognitive function.

Fischer, M., Secher, N. (2021) Results for World Rowing Federation and Olympic events 1893-2019, Research in Sports Medicine.

Researchers analyzed the winning 2K results of all 14 current World Rowing Championship and Olympic events that occurred between the years of 1893-2019. These events include male and female singles, doubles, quads, lightweight doubles, coxless pairs, coxless fours, and eights. From this data researchers were able to highlight average yearly improvements, predict future progress, and identify differences between some events. Coaches and rowers can use this information to improve their practice planning, goal setting, expectations, and to drive innovation and experimentation.

Chan, M., MacInnis, M., Koch, S., MacLeod, K., Lohse, K., Gallo, M., Sheel, A. & Koehle, M. (2020). Cardiopulmonary demand of 16-kg kettlebell snatches in simulated Girevoy Sport. The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, 34(6)

Researchers examined the impact iron supplementation had on 31 female collegiate rowers and their Researchers studied 10 recreationally active males who performed a rowing ergometer step-test and ten-minute kettlebell snatch protocol. They sought to determine if continuous kettlebell snatching obtained similar physiological demands to the rowing ergometer and its potential benefits to cardiovascular fitness. The researchers found that kettlebell snatching produced a training response that was greater than or equal to 65% of the measured VO2max from rowing. They also found that the peak heart rate during kettlebell snatching produced a peak heart rate that was greater than or equal to 85% maximum heart rate achieved during rowing. The researchers found that continuous kettlebell snatching provides enough stimulus to improve aerobic capacity.  Rowers and coaches may consider including kettlebell snatches in their off-season training program as it can be used to improve their aerobic capacity.

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