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Science of Rowing Boathouse Membership

The Boathouse Membership is ideal for university coaching staffs, clubs, and organizations. This membership allows a single account holder to add or remove additional members (above the 3 person minimum). This is a popular option for large coaching staffs who also want to add their strength & conditioning coaches, physical therapists, sport scientists, and sports psychologists.


The Boathouse Membership aligns with our mission. This membership tier allows us to provide greater accessibility to high quality scientific content and educational resources while also making it more affordable for coaching staffs, clubs, and organizations.

Best Value - Save $150 from 3 Individual Annual Memberships!

Boathouse Membership

$ 300
/ Annually
3 Articles Each Month
3 Authors Bonus Content Each Month
1 Roundtable Podcast Each Month
Access to Every Back Issue
Single Admin Management. Add/Subtract users as your needs change.
3 Annual Memberships Bundled Together!
$100 For Each Additional Member (Above 3 Person Minimum)