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“I had to draw from a lot of different sources with a lot of trial-and-error in my first 25 years of working in rowing. ‘Science of Rowing’ will make it easier to make the best informed decisions for working with rowers. This is what rowing needs, especially as the research field grows and it becomes harder to keep up with the latest information. The research reviews are very approachable for every level of coach, athlete, and rowing professional. The takeaways are great. We have to maximize rowers’ training in a limited amount of precious time to keep athletes performing and injury-free. I have had the pleasure of speaking to and working with Will, Blake, and Joe, and I trust their expertise and the experience they bring to our sport. ‘Science of Rowing’ is a must-read for all involved in our sport.”

Karen Calara, Physical Therapist,

“Once again Will, Blake, and Joe are providing an invaluable service to our sport and moving us all forward. ‘Science of Rowing’ is guaranteed to be worth it with current research compiled and translated into takeaways that are easy to understand and apply. This will provide a healthy monthly dose of knowledge for coaches who want to be informed!”

Caitlin McClain, Head Coach Seattle Pacific University (formerly of Holy Names Academy Juniors)

“‘Science of Rowing’ compiles reviews of important research for rowers in an easily consumable format. Coaches and rowers of all levels will benefit from evidence based discussion and solutions for application to all aspects from training and coaching.”

Stuart McGill, PhD Professor Emeritus University of Waterloo and Chief Scientific Officer Backfitpro Inc.

“‘Science of Rowing’ is for any rower or coach interested in the latest, most relevant, research on training to potential, avoiding injury, and improving technical proficiency on the water. With decades of combined experience as athletes, coaches, and scholars, Will, Blake, and Joe distill scientific research into an easily accessible and digestible format. ‘Science of Rowing’ allows rowers to stay on the cutting edge effortlessly, offering a refreshing shortcut rarely found in the sport.”

Sarah Risser, Masters Rower

“With cutting edge tips to teach effective technique, design better training programs, or reduce injury risk, ‘Science of Rowing’ gives you information that you can immediately put into practice. It’s a must-read for any coach or athlete who simply wants to make their boats go faster and be the best they can be.”

Marlene Royle, Masters Coach,

“’Science of Rowing’ is an excellent resource for me as a competitive masters athlete. The analysis and summaries of topics related to training and coach/athlete-education provide many worthwhile and valuable takeaways. I like the easy-to-browse layout with the table of contents, author biographies, demonstrations, pictures, videos and links. It is an excellent resource for learning more about topics related to strength, conditioning, and injury rehabilitation. I’m looking forward to reading future editions. It’s very exciting to have easy access to current information and research  related to a sport I am passionate about. Well done Will, Blake and Joe!”

Diane Barr, Masters Rower (World Champ 2018)

“Thank you Will, Blake, and Joe for putting together a great resource for us all. They have done the work of screening many studies and volumes of research to present relevant, current information that we can apply to become more efficient and healthier rowers at all stages. I especially enjoy the variety of media sources they have created with video demonstrations, webinars, podcasts. Most importantly, I appreciate the research-based evidence they provide. I look forward to future issues!”

Kathryn Barr McGill, Masters Rower (World Champ 2018)

“I am subscriber to ‘Science of Rowing’ because it helps to support my coaching and educational philosophy. To maximize the performance of my athletes I adopt the approach of a life-long learner. I constantly search for the areas of my knowledge where blind spots exist while analyzing my process. Time is limited and information and knowledge is constantly evolving. Will, Joe, and Blake to do the heavy lifting to filter through the research and curate the most important takeaways, which in turn keeps my coaching practice dynamic and relevant.”

Neil Bergenroth, Coach,

“‘Science of Rowing’ is really interesting and definitely the sort of information that Is useful to me as a masters rower. Most other sports have multiple publications and information that is accessible and easy to understand for athletes. In rowing, there isn’t a whole lot of information curated and translated for the general rowing public. Having access to this level of detail of information will level up my knowledge and ultimately make me a better rower.”

Rebecca Berger, Masters/Coastal Rower

I am beyond proud that the Strength Coach Roundtable team has become The Science of Rowing. Like me, they have been on a journey of discovery through podcasting – Will, Joe and Blake were the second show to launch on the Rowing Chat podcast network and I feel as though this is their graduation.

Their expertise in rowing strength and conditioning combines with clarity of explanation so that ordinary rowers and coaches like myself can understand complex concepts. I value most their careful curation of the scientific literature and applying their insights to rowing so that together we can all become better athletes and better coaches. If Rowing Chat can spawn an ever widening circle of expert niche podcasts, I will be delighted. You are the first, and I hope The Science of Rowing becomes as legendary as the Strength Coach Roundtable.

Rebecca Caroe, Masters Rower and Rowing Chat Podcast Founder

“Staying on top of academic research is an unreasonable goal for busy coaches who can’t add one more thing onto their plate. ‘Science of Rowing’ makes this possible by delivering the takeaways right to your inbox. The information is easy for even me to understand and see how I can put it to work from the launch or practice plan, and you’re learning from some quality coaches in Will, Blake, and Joe.”

Chris Chase, USRowing Director of Youth Rowing, Saratoga Rowing Association Coach

“‘Science of Rowing’ is a resource that has been missing from our athletics toolbox for rowing, highlighting important research questions and findings of interest to rowers of all ages, in a format that is straightforward to read, understand, and apply.  As the sport of rowing continues to grow in popularity, this is the type of resource that will help coaches and athletes alike learn how to implement up-to-date and evidence-based approaches in their training.”

Rebecca Clark, Masters Rower

“‘Science of Rowing’ will help so many rowing coaches and strength coaches add to their knowledge and ongoing education. The smallest changes can make the difference between making a podium finish or not. This journal could be that difference.”

Frank Clayton Jr., Oakland Strokes Rowing Strength and Performance Coach; Owner, ARC Performance Academy

“Whether you’re a coach, athlete, or clinician, ‘Science of Rowing’ is a go-to resource for all things training and performance in the sport of rowing. Everything from evidence-based information to video demonstrations of specific exercises. ‘Science of Rowing’ is a great resource and if you’re in the field of performance, this is for you.”

Matt Fleekop, Strength and Conditioning Coach at Princeton University

“‘Science of Rowing’ provides deep dives into topics that are foundational for better informing our training programs. Decoding the research provides practical suggestions to implement to avoid injury and maximize efficiency in training.”

Dan Garbutt, Old Dominion University Women’s Rowing Head Coach


“I am always looking for new ways to improve boat speed, athlete safety, and more. I love that ‘Science of Rowing’ provides actionable insights; interpreting myriad research studies and distilling out the “so what?” that I can apply in our programs with confidence.”


Richard Hull, PhD, Head Coach Olympia Area Rowing

“As an exercise physiology researcher I am aware of the sheer quantity of performance studies being published each year.  However, as a former member of a collegiate rowing program I also know how rarely these findings are translated into the weight-room, erg, or boat. Science of Rowing is a fantastic resource for coaches and rowers. Will, Blake, and Joe break down densely written research articles into applied take-home messages that can easily be incorporated.”

Evan Johnson, PhD, Assistant Professor Exercise Physiology University of Wyoming

“‘Science of Rowing’ is an essential resource for all rowing coaches at any competitive level. The blend of both rowing specific and general scientific research makes it highly valuable. The information is presented clearly, easy to understand, and connects the dots of all the facets of rowing training. This resource is an exciting way to continue to learn about our sport!”

Nathanael Kielt, Marin Junior Boys Head Coach, USTC and Former U23 National Team Coach

“’Science of Rowing’ is a great resource for sharing critical findings from academic research in a practical way. This is for coaches and rowers committed to improving their coaching quality and rowing performance. Will, Blake, and Joe have done all the hard work for you and made it easy for you to apply these takeaways to your coaching or training today.”

Cam Kiosoglous, PhD, USRowing Director of Athlete Development

“I look forward to each month’s new reviews of Science of Rowing because it helps me stay in touch with research and keeps me learning to help rowers in the clinic and on the water. I love how the focus is to make the research digestible for everyone so that we can move our sport forward and help athletes remain healthy! I always end up spending hours looking up more different aspects of rowing related research based on ideas the article reviews spark. A new issue in my inbox is truly a favorite part of the start of a new month!”

Lisa Russell Lowe, Physical Therapist,

“‘Science of Rowing’ has been an awesome resource to support the teams and individuals I work with. I really appreciate the time and effort the authors put into this project – providing research-based training suggestions for athletes and coaches is no small task!


Tom Siddall, Tufts University Assistant Coach,

“Will, Blake, and Joe do a great job of presenting relevant information to both coach and rower. Often, the information produced in research does not always make its way to the coaches and athletes, and even when it does this new information can be misinterpreted or taken out of context. Will, Blake, and Joe have set-out to bridge the gap between research and practice to help improve the sport of rowing and provide easy-to-use information for the rowing community. I look forward to keeping up to date with their publications to build on my own understanding of the sport and feed my growth mind-set.”

Luke Smyth, Rowing Ireland Coach Educator

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Kellie Wilkie, Physiotherapist,

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